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Generate your new Ripple Wallet

Ripple address:
Ripple secret:

Please note:

After you generated your new wallet, you have to send 20 Ripple (XRP) to it to get it activated.

Follow this Link to learn how to buy Ripple: How to buy Ripple

What is a Ripple Wallet?

A Ripple Wallet is very similar to a Bitcoin Wallet and consists of a public and private key. You can use the private key to access your wallet. The private key can also be used to recalculate your public key, your so-called wallet address. Your private key is therefore the access to your entire wallet, so you should keep it in a very safe place and store mutiple copies of it in safe places.

How can i access my Wallet ?

You can access your wallet by visiting: Ripple Wallet Client. In the' Identity' section, click in the form field' secret'. There you can enter your private key, then confirm this by clicking on' set identity'. Then click on the' connect to ripple' button in the' connect' section. You are now connected to your wallet

How can i send a transaction?

Follow the steps from "How can i access my wallet?". After you are connected to the Ripple Network, you can go to the section 'send payment'. Type in the amount of Ripple you want to send, then click 'direct xrp->xrp' so it will set 'XRP' to the form field. After that, fill in receivers public Ripple wallet address and click 'send'. Congratulations, your first Ripple transaction has been made.